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SCFE : Super Critical Fluid Extraction

SCFE ensures impurity free products. The extracts derived are pure and free of any residual solvents. Besides, the extracts contain no heavy metals or pesticides and they are free from microbial contamination.

CO2 technology allows selective isolation of the individual constituents.This results in an improved quality product. The consumption of our CO2 extract as compared to products from traditional solvent extraction or steam distillation can be lower by 15-25%. Since the CO2 process is carried out in an inert atmosphere, the shelf-life of the extract and, therefore, the final product is enhanced considerably. The CO2-process takes place at relatively low temperatures which makes it suitable for the isolation of temperature sensitive compounds.

We supply essential oils and oleoresins from a variety of natural sources. Among them are also a range of non-GMO and organic grown raw materials. An added incentive is our competitive pricing which is only marginally higher than conventional solvent extraction / steam distillation while getting a far superior product. Quality, competitive prices and timely delivery are some of our beliefs and ways of conducting business.
A brief outline of the process is given below
Dry spices/Herbs are cleaned of the adhered impurities and other foreign material and powdered. The powder is charged to the pre-heated extraction vessel and the vessel is pressurized with CO2 from the storage tank. The CO2 is passed through the extraction vessel resulting in the extraction of target products (e.g. Oleoresin/Essential Oils). By depressurization of this mixture into a separator vessel, gaseous CO2 is recovered, recycled, and fed back to the storage tank.

The liquid or solid product is collected at the bottom of a separator vessel and is withdrawn. Due to the earlier evaporation of the CO2, this product is solvent-free. It is checked for quality, standardized to our customer requirements and/or packed and labeled directly.
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The conventional distillation/solvent extraction process being largely used currently is not an environment friendly process and has inherent disadvantages like thermal degradation, hydrolysis, heavy metals, pesticides and traces of unacceptable residual solvents. The SCFE process overcomes these drawbacks.
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We believe that quality is not just a production process but a belief and a way of life which is incorporated in all aspects of our company and our employees. The QC laboratory is equipped with sophisticated analytical instrumentation for the chemical and physical parameter evaluation of raw materials and products.

High Performance Liquid Chromatographs (HPLC) is used to check the purity and content of non-volatile organic compounds and a Gas Chromatograph (GC) is used to analyze volatile organic compounds. Instrumentation for routine quality checks such as appearance, moisture content, pH, physical properties and consistency are also used.

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